Case Results

Winning for my clients

  • People vs. J.T. 

This was a very complex felony allegation of an adult father sexually molesting his five-year-old biological daughter within the home. After extensive investigation and DNA analysis of the evidence collected by the police department, I was able to have the case reduced to a misdemeanor non-sex crime saving him registration and further prison exposure.      VICTORY FOR CLIENT

  • People vs.T.S. 

T.S. faced potential life in prison when she found herself accused of sexual molestation charges with a million dollar bail imposed upon her. Her husband, desperate to fight the charges, retained my services. After nine months of battling the government case, I was able to get all charges dismissed, and she was released back to her family and children at home.   VICTORY FOR CLIENT

  • People vs. E.K. 

E.K. was direct filed upon as a teenager, wherein he faced 75 years in prison if convicted as charged. After prevailing in adult courts to have his case removed to juvenile court, E.K. was back at home for Christmas that same year with his family and remained under home supervision for the duration of his situation.   VICTORY FOR CLIENT

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Eric Youngquist

What sets Eric J. Youngquist apart from other attorneys is the fact that he spent 20 years as a Los Angeles County police detective, meaning he understands and knows from experience how the criminal justice system works. As the founder of the Law Office of Eric J. Youngquist, he now has over a de...